Jammin' Shabbat (Formally Kidz Shabbat) is proof that no one’s too young—or too old—to be an active participant in life at Woodlands.

Jammin' Shabbat at 7:00 pm

Friday, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 22, Jan 12, Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 20, May 25

Jammin' Shabbat is proof that no one’s too young—or too old—to be an active participant in life at Woodlands. One Friday a month, during most months, the 30-minute service is geared not only to youngsters age 1 to 12, but to those in their first year of life as well. It’s a wonderful way for them to share a delightful experience with their parents and grandparents. (Of course, other relatives and friends are welcome to tag along.)

What is Jammin' Shabbat? Simply put, it’s a raucous, rambunctious, noisy half-hour of prayerful fun with Rabbi Billy, Rabbi Mara and Cantor Jonathan. Your kids can’t stay in their seats? No problem. It’s all in keeping with the singing, jokes, story-telling, and blessings that leave everyone filled with Shabbat spirit and wearing a big grin..

Jammin' Shabbat is a delightful entry point, both for children who are first discovering prayer and congregational worship, and for parents who have been distanced from it. It’s an open door for all to step into the ritual life of the congregation in a way that is immediately engaging and satisfying. And, for interfaith families, it can be an excellent introduction to Judaism and Jewish life.

Put on your jammies, bring a bedtime friend and c'mon over to Woodlands for the wildest bedtime songs, stories and blessings ever!

Grandparents:  If you have little ones living in (or visiting!) the Westchester area and you'd like to kvell at their loving being in temple, invite them to join you for Jammin' Shabbat. They'll love it, which means you will too!

Jammin' Shabbat dates for 2017-18, (5778) are:

October 13

November 10

December 22

January 12

February 16

March 16

April 20

May 25